Bushido Karate club, Aberdeen,Scotland
October 2012

After 40 years of affiliation with SKIEF, Aberdeen Bushido is now affiliated to the WSKF under Sensei Hitoshi Kasuya, and look forward to the new challenges this brings
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The Chief Instructor of the World Shotokan Karate Federation master Sensei Hitoshi Kasuya (8th Dan) made his first visit to the North East of Scotland last Saturday having flown direct from Japan at a weekend course hosted by the Aberdeen Bushido Karate Club.
The sprightly 65-year-old demonstrated his progressive karate style, which has been adopted worldwide.
His trainings see the traditional karate reinvigorated with rotational movements, such as spins and side step evasion that aim to keep people engaged and interested in training and not lose interest in the sport.
"I try to introduce some new ideas and try to explain the scientifics ... sometimes martial arts only keeps tradition but my understanding of tradition is a little bit different - keep tradition but we need to put some new ideas in, then we can survive in the future."
"I come from Japan and I bring something new. Then people are more interested in watching karate and practising karate ... this is my target for my training," he said.
Starting karate at 15 Sensei Kasuya
graduated from the rigorous Instructors Special Training Course of the Japan Karate Association in 1973 and was a protégé of the founder of modern shotokan karate Sensei Nakayama. 

Sensei Kasuya has had an illustrious competition history having been the JKA and SKI Kata and Kumite world champion.

He went on to establish the World Shotokan Karate-do Federation in 1990, and has since been touring the world holding seminars, encouraging people to practise karate.
The WSKF is the 3rd largest Shotokan Karate Organisation in the world, with dojos in over 90 countries and a membership of over 400,000.   Aberdeen Bushido Karate Club joined the WSKF October 2012 and will be organising seminars with Sensei Kasuya at least twice a year as well as twice yearly seminars with karate master Sensei
Yasuyuki Aragane 8th Dan.
MARCH 2013 Visit of sensei Hitoshi Kasuya
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